Once we were taught to think.
Then somebody told us to think different.
It is about time to define difference.
Think natural.

  • what we do

    First there was an idea. Ideas are just as good as the people believing and standing behind them. Without hands that continuously work on the realization, ideas will unfortunately remain ideas. While we worked hard to make the idea become a reality, we never lost our faith. There doesn´t have to be a mess. Grant your favourite devices the space they need to not become an obstacle. Let them become a part of your home. Let your home be an accessory for your life. Don´t defy the laws of physics. Use them. Think natural.

  • innovation quality

    The majority of our products is made of solid woods, manufactured by a joinery located in Austria. Since two generations this enterprise has been servicing high quality products made of wood and is well known for their innovative approach to these old crafts. One of our core aims is to guarantee a high quality by using sustainable methods, considerate of life and future generations.

  • think natural (c2c) 

    C2C suggests that industry must protect and enrich ecosystems and nature's biological metabolism while also maintaining a safe, productive technical metabolism for the high-quality use and circulation of organic and technical nutrients. In the cradle to cradle model, all materials used in industrial or commercial processes—such as metals, fibers, dyes—fall into one of two categories: "technical" or "biological" nutrients. Biological nutrients are organic materials that, once used, can be disposed of in any natural environment and decompose into the soil, providing food for small life forms without affecting the natural environment. The biggest part of our products will live up to that standard. The term Cradle to Cradle is a registered trademark of McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC) consultants.

  •  plugins

    iPad. Keyboard. iPhone. Our three main adamsbride Plugins serve the needs of the new generation. Design, nature, freedom. And our future: sustainability. Be responsive!

  • plugin iphone 4s 

    Our favorite adamsbride Plugin. Insert your iPhone 4 into a new world of design and function. Every position possible – horizontal and vertical alignment. In addition, use our adamsbride Turnaround Tool for unlimited possibilities. Also available for iPhone 5.

  •  plugin keyboard

    Words do come easy to you. Our adamsbride Plugin for keyboard will let your hands work in a comfortable position. Honestly guys, you have never seen such a stylish way of positioning your keyboard.

  •  plugin ipad

    The ideal adamsbride Plugin for our adamsbride Turnaround Tool - use it at meetings with your collegues, friends or for presentation to your business partners. Easy to handle with maximum effect. We promise you will love it.

  • the desktop

    Welcome to functional desktop design. Our adamsbride Desktop is the most clean and functional way of working. Every item has it's place. If you do not need your adamsbride Plugin, just insert it reverse and the shape is filled. Or use the shape for your papers and writing materials. Be prepared.

  •  custom-designed

    adamsbride fullfills your needs and requirements to a new kind of funiture.
    Our adamsbride Plugins can be used anywhere you want - and if not
    needed anymore, you simply replace your Plugin, not your furniture.

  •  upcoming products

    We supply custom-designed furniture for your furnishing projects:

    • Desktops,
    • Cocktail Tables,
    • Bedside Tables,
    • Wall Modules,
    • Stands and
    • all kind of furniture where adamsbride Plugins can be put into 
      theoretically - we give our best to make it possible ;-)

    adamsbride for private home will be available soon at www.directgoods.eu

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Design und Konzeption

Armin Anton Pichler | meapi
tel. +43 (0) 676 75 45 726

Produktion und Entwicklung

Tischlerei Josef Prödl GmbH
Kirchberg an der Raab 171
8324 Kirchberg an der Raab, AUSTRIA


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